Innovation in Our DNA

We continuously strive to create the best outcomes for our clients through simple and creative solutions, and it is no wonder that we leverage innovation to reach our objective. Citi has been an enabler of progress being a part of milestone initiatives and pioneering advancement through its history.

Citi India has been a pioneer right from its technological advancements to establishing global best practices within the country. The cheque imaging business, which is industry standard, started at Citi. We pioneered cash management in 1986 and securitization in 1990.

Citi Innovation Council was established with the aim of aligning the organization's focus on the emerging digital trends to enhance differentiation and to strengthen business leadership. The council evaluates and implements new ideas towards digitization, urbanization and establishing alternate channels for our offerings.

Our people understand innovation like none other, generating more than 500 ideas every year as part of the Citi Innovation Challenge with the end objective of an enhanced client experience. Citi India has embraced contemporary acquisition and branding channels, including social networking sites, at the right time, thanks to these ideas from our people. To sum it up, Innovation is the Rock on which Citi India has built its foundation and to give you a glimpse of some of the innovations we present below a few first’s and the best from Citi India.

  • Citi India Timeline
  • SMS to Call
  • Mobile Collect
  • Facebook Application
  • ATM Crowd Sourcing
  • Payment Wall
  • Mobile Banking