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This festive season, focus on buying experiences!

What makes the festive season special? Is it the smell of new clothes, the gifts that we give and receive, or partaking in the rites and rituals that go with each festival? It’s easy to get lost in the materialistic aspects of the season and miss the underlying experience of it all. Can you make this year a memorable one by gathering stories and memories that make you happy?

The key to happiness is being able to enjoy what we have, and not how much we have. Let us consider the act of buying an expensive car. Getting a brand new shiny ride might give you a heady feeling but it doesn’t quite match the joy you experience when you head out on a long drive with your friends or family.

Focus on collecting stories

Even a not so fond memory can be narrated as a brilliant story. And these stories are not necessarily associated with things bought with money. So pick up your bags, put on your travel shoes and see where your wanderlust takes you and your loved ones. With every adventure create a story to tell.

Experiential purchases

Road trips, concerts, dance lessons, movies etc. tend to trump material purchases. The preparation and the anticipation of the experience elicits more excitement. And you are less likely to measure the value of your personal experiences by comparing them to those of others.

Don’t take the easy way out

It is easier to buy festival sweets from shops. But why miss the joy of getting together as a family and making them yourself using grandma’s traditional recipe. Sure, they might not have the finesse of the sweets bought from a shop, but they have the most important ingredient - love.
Calling friends over to a fancy restaurant for a gastronomic adventure as they are calling it these days is easy. But inviting people over to your house & cooking them a meal is much more gratifying.

Sharing with everyday people

There are people who are part of your everyday life - your cook, maid, the boy who drops the morning paper at your doorstep. Each of them have a story to tell. Is there anything you can do to make their lives better, this festive season? You might be surprised to know how much difference your inconspicuous daily spend can make to their lives, if you share it.

Relieve your maid of her daily chores during the festive season. Instead of them having to work to make your day special, let them enjoy the special time with their families. And a gift for her kid will be an added bonus.
You can explore possibilities on how to make this festive season more ‘experience’ worthy. ‘That is so much fun’ can take a host of new directions.

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