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save money while shopping

7 ways to save money while shopping

In today’s gadget-ridden world with its hectic pace of life, what activity can relieve your stress and also be fun and enjoyable at the same time? For most it is shopping. If you belong to that category of people, here's an infographic that will help you get your priorities right as you engage in your favourite stress buster.

Love shopping spend
Do you feel the rush, when you try on that new dress and get carried away by the rustle of fabric against your skin and the fresh scent that emanates from it that you decide to buy it instantly? Then, you probably love shopping!
Let’s look at ways and means to avoid bills that dampen your shopping spirit.
around the year sale

1. Wait for ‘around the year’ SALE!

Seasonal sales, festival sales, promotional sales, end of season sales, clearance sales etc. are big money savers.

2. Register for loyalty programs

Banks reward you points on every transaction, which can be later redeemed for cash back or other benefits.

loyalty programs
Buy in bulk

3. Buy in bulk

Buy large quantities (most come with money saver packs) to get bigger discounts.

4. Buy guaranteed / warrantied products

Results in significant savings if the product malfunctions.

Buy guaranteed products
rental or second-hand

5. Consider rental or second-hand

Buy books accessories etc., at heavily discounted prices second hand. Rentals suited for cars, camera for holidays etc.

6. Buy out of season

Buy summer items in winter and vice versa.

Buy out of season
Buy Online

7. Buy Online

Buy online with ‘free shipping’ and ‘cash on delivery’ to enjoy online discounts with offline features.

Did you find that helpful? Now you can enjoy the pleasures of shopping without worrying about overspending. The festive season is just around the corner. Plan your expenditure and make the most of it.

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