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Ways online banking makes your life easier

When did you last step into a bank and what was it for? If you don’t remember, then you get a hi-5. However, if it was only last week that you made a bank trip, to draw a Demand Draft in favour of your uncle in another city, you are not utilizing the many conveniences online banking has to offer.

Banking online makes your life easier. All you need is a computer, a tablet or a smartphone with an internet connection, and you are ready.

Tracking your account activity anytime, anywhere

All your payments, withdrawals, deposits and other account details are available at your fingertips. Whether it is lunch hour or midnight, access your account in seconds. As you receive real time transaction alerts, you can also be aware of any fraudulent activity.

Bill payments made easy

Bid adieu to the cheques, long queues or late fees. You can give standing instructions to your bank to pay your monthly utility bills such as electricity, telephone and mobile, credit card and insurance premium. You don't even have to remember the due dates, the bank will ensure your payment is done month after month on the stipulated date without fail.

Transfer funds in a jiffy

Let’s say your mother is shopping and realises that she doesn’t have enough money in her account to make the purchases. You can just pull out your smartphone, transfer money instantly through the IMPS facility and you’re done.
You can transfer any amount from one account to another of the same or any other bank using NEFT or RTGS facilities, anywhere in the country.

Wealth management

Managing your wealth is easier done online. If you don’t want your money lying around idle, you can open an fixed deposit and get better returns. With an interlinked investment/demat account, you can also trade in the stock market and invest in mutual funds.
The transaction amount will be automatically debited/credited to your bank account when you invest in stocks or mutual funds. You can also take a disciplined way to invest in mutual funds by taking the SIP (Systematic Investment Plans) route.

A wide variety of services

Issue a demand draft to your friend or relative and have it delivered to their home in a far-off city, apply for a personal loan or a credit card, recharge your prepaid phone, get an annual statement of your account for tax purposes delivered to your home and much more.You can not only pay your credit card bills online but also…

  • Get a loan on your card
  • Apply for an additional card
  • Request a credit line increase
  • Report lost card

Online Shopping

Armed with a secure multi-level PIN system, you can now make purchases from your favourite online shopping stores. Book tickets online for a movie or plan a holiday, travel by bus, train or flight with your debit or credit card.

There are more reasons for you to start using online banking than those stated here. With so much time saved, you can now spend more time doing the things that you actually like.

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