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5 benefits of online bill payment service
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5 benefits of online bill payment service

Have you ever stood in a long queue in the sweltering heat waiting to pay your bill? Won’t you be relieved to know that you never have to do it again?

Opting for online bill payment service, a method by which you can issue payment instructions to settle outstanding bills at a designated date, is the first step in getting financially organised. It eliminates errors and makes your financial management much easier.

Following are five benefits of using an online bill payment service.

1. Easy and convenient

When you set-up an automatic online bill pay account, you allow recurring payments to be withdrawn from your account on a monthly basis against your bills. It is a one-time process, after which your bank takes over.

All your account information is organised in one centralised location. There’s never a question of late or missing payment.

2. Secure and saves you money

You don’t have to worry about exposing your personal information. Paying online also helps protect your privacy and identity by eliminating any risk associated with lost or stolen paperwork.

You’ll no longer have to pay for cheques, stamps or envelopes. You can save on the fuel costs too. By eliminating paper bills and cheques, you can reduce your impact on the environment as well.

3. You get to stay organised without a fuss

You can control when and how your bills are paid. You can choose to change or even cancel the payment request until the payment is eventually made.

4. Rewards you

Why not use your bills to earn free travel, rewards, or even cash back? If you pay your monthly bills with your credit card, you can get free miles, fuel and reward points. All these bills add up to hundreds of points each month that are credited to your credit card account.

5. Helps Your Credit Score

When your bills are set up to be automatically paid, you rarely miss a payment. When your bills are always paid on time, you get a boost to your credit score too.

The world is going digital and everyone is turning to this convenience. Just ensure you are ahead of the curve.

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