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Top 3 reasons for using this service
1. There is no registration required.
2. No charges.
3. You can pay all your bills* online from the comfort of your home or office.
Online Security
Convenience of paying your bills online

No more queues. No more delayed payments. No more stepping out of home or office to pay your bills on time, every time. A service available exclusively for Citibank Credit Card customers.

Citibank has an extensive directory of billers that you can make
payments to in your own city and anywhere in India. Click here to view
the list of billers.

This involves just two simple steps -

Step 1. Choose biller
Step 2. Make payment

Whats more - this is so easy to use!

There is no registration or login required.
Payment can be made using your Credit Cards.
No charge for using this service, and
Enjoy the convenience of a variety of billers.

Next time there is a bill to be paid, you don't move, let your mouse do the moving.
Pay your bills now
Important Information
* Incorrect bill details will lead to wrong payments to the utility company and the customer has to follow it up directly with the utility company.
* For Electricity board, payment has to be made at least two days prior to due date.
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