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Art Advisory Services

In today's market, art presents an attractive investment option. To assist you with advice on various art investments, or to help you in buying or selling art, Citigold has tied up with a reputed art house, Osians - Connoisseurs of Art Private Limited.

Osians is based in Mumbai and possesses the expertise, archival infrastructure and professional capacity to systematically cohere various sources of knowledge and provide select Citigold clients objective information on purchasing, preserving, valuing and selling art for seasoned connoisseur and emerging collectors.
Citigold together with Osians will now help you strengthen your investments in art by providing you the following services:
Documentation and Archiving
Authentication, Certification and Valuation
Preservation and Restoration
Insurance and Custodial Services
Publication and Design Services
Art and Cultural Events Management
Corporate Gifting
Museum and Collection Building Services
Estate Planning
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