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Easy EMIs on yor cCard!
As a valued Diners Club Members, you can now get a loan with no paperwork at all! Take a loan and pay back later in easy, flexible installments. All you have to do is get a draft for any amount* in your name or for anybody else you would like to present it to and the draft will be delivered to your doorstep in just 72 hours**.
Kindly fill up the form below or call 24-Hour CitiPhone Priority Service Numbers to apply for your loan.

 Fields marked * are mandatory. ** Subject to approval.
Apply now and get a draft in 72 hours!
  Personal details
  E-mail ID*
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 Demand Drafts details
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I have read and accept the terms and conditions. I would like to have a draft sent to my mailing address. I understand that the monthly installments will be charged to my Diners Club Card.
* Only for loans above Rs. 15,000 and on approval of the loan based on your available cash, credit limit and over your credit limit in special cases. Cash Limit: Net of Cash withdrawals / drafts availed by you. Credit Limit: Net of any charges incurred by you.